The Outdoor Advexperience is active in the field of alternative tourism and offers luxury touring with 4x4 cars fully equipped combining mountains, sea and Archaeological Sites. Greece is a magical country full of history, tradition, myth and incomparable natural beauty.

  • At Outdoor Advexperience you can wander through the Aesthetic Forests.
  • explore the National Parks.
  • Enjoy the ancient monuments, caves, gorges, waterfalls, cliffs, sand dunes, lakes, marshes and rivers.
  • Enjoy and creative you time with your family, children and friends away from the noice of city
  • Come to explore the nature in unique tours, organizing a picnic, a barbeque, taking in the fresh air, the endless blue of the sea, and the sandy secluded beaches
  • Come to taste picnic baskets full delicious traditional fried meatball, sandwiches, salad and traditional greek pies, to play nostalgic childhood games ( the hunt of the lost trasure, Capture the flag, Saimon Says, Blind Man's Bluff, Spud, Freeze Dance, Water fights, etc ) and collect greens and thyme..

Escape with us and discover a different side of Greece.

Outdoor Advexperience